Ademar Tutor, freelance Ruby on Rails developer from the Philippines with CTO level experience. I work with startups to help build and scale software applications.

Ruby on Rails | AngularJS | ReactJS | MongoDB | PostgreSQL | HTML5 | CSS3

Hello world! I'm Ademar.

I'm a Ruby (on Rails) developer based in the Philippines with 6 years experience building software for clients from San Francisco, New York and other parts of the world.

I've worked on a variety of projects from different industries. The apps I've worked on moved the needle in the real estate, legal, social, SaaS, communication and education industry.

If I'm not on my desk working on the next big thing, I am at gym lifting iron or giving back to the open source community through my open source projects or my blog.

Services I offer with

I can help turn your idea into a Ruby on Rails app

When you work with me, you are not just hiring a developer, you're also hiring a project manager to guide you through the software development life cycle.

I can provide you with options on which technologies we should use for building your project based from the requirements and scenarios on which your app will be used.

We start the project by breaking down your idea into user stories. We can then prioritise user stories to get your project from idea to an MVP as quickly as possible within your budget.

"Ademar is a joy to work with because of his remarkable communication skills and dedication. Anticipating problems is really the mark of a great software engineer, and Ademar is very much superior in that arena. He has an incredible knack for asking the right questions in the absolutely fewest words possible. Instant chats with Ademar are much like Haiku with never an extraneous word exchanged. In addition, Ademar scores the highest possible marks in the realm of dedication to the task on hand."

Dan Halper
Atty. Dan Halper
CEO of DVNO Software

Existing project that needs to be rescued?

Clients approach me to help complete their existing project. I do an indepth assessment on the codebase and software development processes used. I can then help the team build software processes to get the project back on track.

Ethan Levy
Ethan Levy
Founder of Failup

"Deciding to work with the Ademar was the best decision I have made since starting. I came in with an idea and some doodles and Ademar was able to work side-by-side with me to turn that into a real product that I am extremely proud of and impressed by. The team put in extra hours and effort to make sure that I was satisfied with the final product, although I often changed my mind on important decisions during the design & development process. Not only did Ademar build an incredible product, but Ademar was an incredible partner and friend with my best interest at heart."

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Web Development and Design Shop for Startups

I co-founded a web development and design shop with my co-founder Honee. The focus of the shop was to help startup companies conceptualize and build their idea.

Bootyard serves as an augmented technical team of the company during the idea, fundraising and seed stage. We then help the company build their own team and processes as they grow out their startup stage.

bootyard banner

Co-founding Codetoki

One of the biggest problem in the software industry today is hiring developers. Our solution was a platform for companies to train fresh IT/CS graduates and young developers technologies that they are using.

Codetoki won numerous awards like Apps For Asia - a competition of Microsoft and Asian Development Bank that gave us the opportunity to showcase it at the ADB Governor's Meeting in Delhi, India (2013), AppBridge - an initiative of the World Economic Forum and Young Global Leaders (2012) and Startup Weekend in Cebu (2012).

Codetoki was recently feature as a Microsoft Case Study.

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    Sandbox is a startup idea aiming to innovate how people connect on events and meetups.

    Case Study
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    Failup is a social network aimed to help entrepeneurs in universities find the right connection to build their startups.

    Case Study
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    San Francisco based startup in the real estate industry that help landlords streamline the process of renting out properties.

    Case Study
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    Codetoki is an internationally-awarded web application built for IT/CS students to help them learn the technologies of the companies they target to work for after graduation.

    Case Study

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