Tlkbck is an online recording studio management application that handles all aspects of the recording studio. From getting clients through it's online web portal, record studio scheduling, CRM, accounting and invoicing.

tlkbck webste

Automated Website Generation

Tlkbck automatically creates a website for studios that can easily customized or integrated with your existing site. Check out this website generated by Tlkbck: Sample Website

tlkbck webste

Customer Relation Management

Tlkbck helps manage contacts that comes from the Tlkbck website and other sources.

tlkbck webste

Meeting Scheduler

Tlkbck automatically generates viewing schedules for possible clients of music studios.

tlkbck webste


Tlkbck automatically generates invoices for the clients of the music studios.

tlkbck webste

Accounting in the Cloud

Tlkbck automatically generates up-to-date profit and loss, income, and expense reports which can be exported to excel.

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