SaaS application for the Property Rental Industry

Padworthy, headquarted in San Francisco, California USA is SaaS application that allows tenants to effortlessly screen rental applications, screen tenants and maximize rental revenue. On the renter side, Padworthy helps renters build a rental application resume which could be sent to multiple tenants.

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Resume Builder

Built a resume builder for renters that allows them to their personal information, employment information, rental history and etc. The resume builder also allows the renter to invite co-applicants to apply to a specific rental application.

Instant Background Check

Using the Onfido API, built a background check for renter which is instantly attached on their resume after they fill-up and submit the necessary information for the background check.

* During the course of the project, I uncovered and reported bugs on the Onfido API to their engineering team.

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failup landing

Manage Applications

Built a dashboard for the tenants to create and update properties, share available properties to social media and email, filter rental applications and communicate with applicants through messaging.

Technology Stack

Padworthy was built with monolithic architecture. The back-end used was Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL database. On the front-end AngularJS was used styled with Sass. Padworthy also integrated with the Onfido API for background checks and Stripe for payments.

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