Democratizing Entrepreneurship with Failup

Failup, headquarted in Seattle, Lousiana USA is an online social network for entrepreneurs. FailUp is an online social platform that allows students to connect and collaborate with others on their entrepreneurial ideas. Students can create a profile, post a detailed pitch for their venture and comment or vote on ideas proposed by their FailUp peers.

Failup has became a instrument to award seed funding to startups in the city of Seattle through startup competitions.

Ethan Levy
Ethan Levy
Founder of Failup

"This is a place for people with ideas to receive constructive criticism, to brainstorm with others online, and connect with other students to build a team."

Why is Failup failing?

Failup had an existing application built using Ruby on Rails. The major problem of the application was there was too many features crammed into the application. There was also a long list of pending features needed to be developed.

The result was bloated product with an awful user experience.

failup landing
failup landing

Getting back on track

For Failup to get back on track, we decided to give priority to features that are essential for the new direction of Failup. We improved the existing priority features and removed features that were irrelevant. We built new features that was an absolute necessity for the new direction of Failup.

I helped the Failup team build a process for planning, validating, developing and deploying new features moving forward.

failup landing

Successful Launch

On the initial launch of Failup in Tulane University, Failup has gather 500+ users that shared and collaborated on 70+ starup ideas. Failup became an instrument of the university and other organizations to award seed funding to startups.

failup landing

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