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To whom it may concern,

I am writing to offer my whole hearted recommendation for Ademar Tutor a programmer who successfully coded a series of extremely difficult tasks for my company DVNO software sisterhood, a 501(c)(3) not for profit charity based in the United States.

The program that Ademar was working on is now called DVNO messenger and remains in semi stealth mode. Ademar coded in Ruby on Rails using Heroku as a sever environments and Postgres as a database.

During the course of his work for DVNO, I considered Ademar to be my top coder. I never really found a problem that he could not solve. The program that he coded involves an entire assortment of advanced features to speed up a user´s use of email. Although the project has progressed greatly since Ademar ceased working with DVNO, the work that Ademar did was, in my opinion, ground breaking in our design and testing of a more powerful compose mail window and sophisticated tabbing system (similar in some ways to what Google deployed for gmail but in other ways greatly different).

Ademar is a joy to work with because of his remarkable communication skills and dedication. Anticipating problems is really the mark of a great software engineer, and Ademar is very much superior in that arena. He has an incredible knack for asking the right questions in the absolutely fewest words possible. Instant chats with Ademar are much like Haiku with never an extraneous word exchanged. In addition, Ademar scores the highest possible marks in the realm of dedication to the task on hand.

This letter of endorsement could not possibly be complete without a special note of my special appreciation for Ademar´s extraordinary resilience during a two month period of extraordinary natural disasters that hit his island of Cebu in late 2013 culminating with Hurricane Yolanda http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typhoon_Haiyan. This monster storm came after Ademar was hit by another hurricane and then an earthquake.

Throughout the catastrophic period, Ademar did an absolutely extraordinary job of keeping me informed of any delays that would be inevitable on account of seismic instability or periodic power cuts. Often he coded by battery power acheiving results superior to that which many programmers acheive under ideal conditions. In late 2012, I saw New York City shut down by the strongest storm we have experienced in decades, Hurricane Sandy, but what Ademar faced made Hurricane Sandy look like a drizzle. Throughout this entire period, I never had the slightest concern about the project falling behind schedule. Despite my lead programmer being halfway across the planet and facing disasters of Biblical proportions, somehow Ademar always managed to project the feeling that everything was under control and then proceed to accomplish and perfect each task at hand.

This was not just an example of great coding, it was a lesson in determination that I feel priviliged to have witnessed and will never forget.

Although Ademar has moved on to other projects, he will always be more than welcome back at DVNO or any other project I manage.

I can always be reached at danhalper@gmail.com for any further questions regard the work described in this letter.

very best regards,
Dan Halper
CEO, DVNO software sisterhood

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